Thursday 2 December 2010

Coming back to bite me

Yesterday i put up a link saying that Bass Pro shops had a special on the pop up hides/blinds only to go to my bird site and find that the big storm we had the night before had trashed my hide, Thats 5 i think in a little over 2 years and the reason i have moved to the cube type hides which i have in my garden came through the storm unscathed, Saying that $40 for a pop up is a bargain and worth getting a couple as they fold up small and you can just use them for short sessions, Mine has been up about 5 months and is very sun bleached, A pain to find it trashed and it was only that i had some stuff in it that stopped it ending up in Virginia, I haven't found any canvas hides in the states but they are the very best for keeping the cold out and not tearing but like all things they come at a price, If you are like me and have a hide in position then the only way to have security from the elements is to spend some extra and in my case i will be getting another cube type hide-shame that they are not in the sales


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