Saturday 18 December 2010

On the Road

Just a quick one from me today, As you read this i will probably be on the i95 heading towards Florida, Plans are as follows, Saturday arrive in the afternoon, settle in and have a nose around the area, Sunday up early and grab some breakfast then head down to have a chat with the Manatee guys to make sure all is ok then head down the coast towards St Petersburg for the afternoon and evening shoot-birds on the coast-Monday through to thursday i will be spending my mornings with Manatees hopefully then some afternoon shooting somewhere along the coast-Friday head home for Xmas, So just a short trip but i really hope it will be productive, I have images in my head that i want and will just wait it out until it happens, The batteries are fully charged, The gear is cleaned and packed,I have had the underwater housing soaking in the bath for 8 hours to make sure that its still water tight-it is, I really must make a list as i always forget something-maybe a new years resolution, Keep your fingers crossed for me-The weather looks pretty good for the week-sunny and high 60,s so if it does what they say i wont be complaining


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