Monday 6 December 2010

Dave's Wildlife moments of the Year 2

You don't realize how much you travel or how many images you take until you make time to go back through the year, Last blog i covered my birding trips to New Jersey and Florida-Both fantastic trips and trips i will repeat, My wifes company is based in California and we were lucky enough to have another trip out West and although the weather could have been better it was still a great trip and a place i love to go to, I never seem to have enough time when i am there and there are certain times of the year that i would love to go but the business trips never seem to coincide with, Monterey bay and the San Francisco bay are very productive and this trip i also managed a day down the Big Sur where i was lucky enough to have California Condors very close which was a new experience for me, Its Americas largest bird and boy are they big, The sun was very high when i got there so the light was harsh but sometimes you have to forget the photography and soak in the experience, The thing i love about the Monterey area is that within a few minutes you can shoot seals,sea lions, ground squirrels and a multitude of birds and the scenery is stunning, I really envy photographers that live in these areas as there is just so much to shoot,
Another highlight for me are the trips into the Great Smoky Mountains in both Tennessee and North Carolina-Just stunning in the Fall/Autumn and it really brings the landscape photographer out in you, Every turn of the road is a new image and with a multitude of waterfalls and streams you never seem to have enough hours in the day, The Tennessee side also has Cades Cove and although a horribly busy place to visit its the best place to get good Deer, Turkey and Bear shots near to where i live, This years fall colours really were spectacular and a pleasure to view-nature at her best


Smoky Mountains

So thats it for part 2 but so far we havent covered my very best wildlife experience of 2010-until next time


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