Friday 3 December 2010

Martin's Wildlife Moments of the Year

Following from my Gear of the Year Awards, this second part focuses on my wildlife moments of the year.

Some of them I have recorded on camera, others I didn't.
Firstly, my 'Bird' moments of the year.

All three of these were while I was on North Uist this year.

In first place was the close encounter with the White Tailed Eagle that I reported in this post.

In second place, it was actually two moments, when I had Short Eared Owls flying alongside my car while I drove along the Committee Road. On each occasion, the Owl flew alongside the car, just a few short metres away achieving eye to eye contact - they were stunning moments.

In third place was when a Merlin flew at high speed right next to the lodge and came within a couple of metres of me and then played havoc with the local breeding birds.

My 'Mammal' moment was again on North Uist when I was trying to get myself into position to photograph an Otter when I came out just a couple of metres in front of me.  I think the otter and I were both shocked, but it was a great close up moment.

My 'Insect' moment was once again observing the Southern Hawkers egg laying in the pond again at extremely close up distance.

I hope you have all had some great wildlife 'moments' this year.


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