Saturday 4 December 2010

Dave's Wildlife moments of the Year 1

My year started with a bang when i spent a week in New Jersey, I shot over 6000 that week which for me is a tremendous amount, I went specifically to shoot Harlequin ducks, The weather was at its worst temperature wise with  the inlets that were over a mile wide frozen solid, Some days the temperature never rose above -4 and i was very glad that i had clothing to deal with the cold, It was a long week being out before dark and returning well after dark but i was pleased to get what i wanted with added bonus of good long tailed duck and Surf Scoter, I have an opportunity to go back this winter and am trying to sort a trip mid Jan
Harlequin Duck
Long Tailed Duck
Surf Scoter
 Red Breasted Merganser
It was a great trip and far exceeded my expectations and with the added bonus of finding a great place for friendly fox

We travelled quite a bit up and down the East cost taking in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida
I knew Florida would be a bit special and it was, The weather is great and the birds are very relaxed, My list of birds 'wanted' included Laughing Gull,Skimmer,Rosette Spoonbill and all the Egrets and Storks, We hit it just right and the birds were in the rookeries and again the cameras turned into machine guns and thousands of images later i had just what i wanted, We spent time both in rookeries and on the coast, I cant wait to go back even though the birds there have been done to death, Its a very special place and must go to for the wildlife photographer
Wood Stork

Snowy Egret
Laughing Gull
Rosette Spoonbill
 So thats it for part 1-My best bits are still to come in my next blog

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