Wednesday 1 December 2010

Martin's Gear of the Year Awards

So with today being the 1st of December already - where did this year go., I thought it was time to look back and reflect on somethings of the past year.  In a two parter from me, I will tell you about my 'gear of the year' and in the second part share my wildlife moments of the year.  I expect Dave will share his thoughts too when he has a moment.

My first award goes to the Canon 7D.  Regular readers will know I acquired one of these earlier this year, although mine was the second one to come into the family.  This has been my camera of choice this year and the 1Dmk111 has been an expensive back up that I really should sell.  I have written a number of posts with the 7D tag which can be found here and is worth a browse if you have a few hours.

Fitted with the battery grip and a second battery it is every bit the pro body.  Enabling me to get sharp shots that the 1D could never manage with any degree of consistency it is a great camera.  It is sophisticated and it seems that many of those upgrading from a xxD series Canon have had their trials and tribulations, but with 1D experience I have found it both very simple and very consistent.  At the current prices it is also fantastic value for money too.

My second award goes to a piece of  software.  I have been a user of Capture One for my RAW processing for many years now.  The latest version of Capture One is Version 5.  Sold by Phase One, this is in my opinion simply the best RAW processor bar none.  With the range of adjustments, and the pure quality of the outputs, my Photoshop post processing has substantially reduced.  It is just the best.  Dave also seems to think so to with this post.

My third award goes to an operating system.  Regular readers will know that I dont fall for style over substance marketing when it comes to a certqain range of fruit based products.  Back in January I changed my old regular mobile phone to the HTC Hero operating the Android system.  This has made a substantial change to mobile comms for me, and how I interact with the news flow and also find many of the apps useful for either trip preparation and planning, or while in the field.

My final award of the year goes to a little piece of clothing.  I bought this in advance of my trip to North Uist, and I am not sure that I ever took it off while out of the lodge.

It was great to keep warm, keep the midges of  as well as looking pretty cool.  I am talking about an olivegreen/black shemagh.  A traditional Arab scarf that was just perfect.

In my next part, I will share some of my 'wildife moments of the year'


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