Tuesday 28 December 2010

Review of the Year - Part 1 - January

We started off the year with a catch up from our previous years review, and moved on to some trip reports.  Dave went to New Jersey,clearly had a great time and bought us some great images in seven parts.

I went more local for a couple of day trips and caught some Short Eared Owls and some waterfowl from Slimbridge from the daytime, and Starlings flocking at sunset.

As usual there were plenty of news stories from te world of wildlife, and photo gear, along with a few thoughts on the news that the Wildlife Photographer of the Year was stripped of his crown for basically cheating.  Having seen a lot of dodgy practice in the camera club and exhibition photo world in the past, it is something I am quite happy not to be involved with.

Anyway, 804 of you visited a total of 2401 times and from 42 countries.

The whole archive for January can be seen here if you want a trip down memory lane.

Back with Feb next time

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