Monday 20 December 2010

Florida day 1

We made our way down from Raleigh North Carolina in Friday to Crystal River Florida on Friday, It took an epic 11 hours, We had torrential rain through North Carolina, South Carolina and way into Georgia, We also got caught up in an accident where somebody left the road and took some trees out before landing upside down, The car was flat and had some wheels missing, It didnt look good for anybody in there, I am writing this late Sunday as i am out very early tomorrow with the manatees and will then be pretty busy in the afternoon, Today (Sunday) we went down to Fort De Soto-about 1hr 45mins south, I was there in the spring and it was amazing, Today it was very cloudy and very windy, There was next to nothing at the North beach except wind surfers and after checking out various places we decided to move to the East side, There were plenty of ospreys and Kestrel around but the sky was white and bland and i didnt think that there was much point in spending time taking shots that i already had better of,So a few snaps and away, We went right to the end of the island and luckily there were some shore birds huddled up out of the wind, I got down low using the skimmer pod and edged my way towards the birds using long grass as cover, I did manage to get some images but you know what its like, The light was low,everything was grey even the water so i grabbed some images with the D7000,600 and a 1.4x, The weather looks good Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and even though i have paid for Wednesday i may bow out and do something else as its pointless shooting manatees in bad light, Lifes too short and sometimes you just have to think-well i am here to get GOOD shots not just go through the motions



  1. Beautiful pictures from Fort Desoto. Sorry about the bad weather this weekend. Should be good the rest of the week.

  2. No. 3 is a cracker for me.