Thursday 23 December 2010

A few quick thoughts

Having finished work now for the rest of the year, it is time to enjoy a festive break.  We will keep the blog going over the break, as we have done since we started and managed to post everyday for nearly two years now.

The cold weather here in the UK has been playing havoc with a lot of the wildlife, and Ii was while travelling to work by train a couple of days ago in very bleak conditions, I was reminded of the life and death struggle that our wildlife faces, while the stupid humans who like to hear their own voices on the media were busy trying to blame politicians for the snow.

Anyway, this story here tells a sad tale about the plight of barn owls at these times when they will struggle to find their prey.  It will be the same for many Kingfishers too where their sources of water have become frozen over.  On a local canal near me, they didn't recover this year from last years winter.

We have been getting through the sacks of seed in our garden and it is pleasing to see so many birds in.  If you are going to feed them, particularly over the Christmas period, there is an important story here that I am sure you will be aware of, but it is worth repeating anyway.

I will start writing my 12 part review of the best parts of this last year next, so look out for that.  Well most other news feeds do that sort of thing at this time of year, so why should we be different?

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