Saturday 4 December 2010

Nikon D7000 problems

As with all cameras these days within minutes of people getting the first batch problems are strewn all over the internet-some real and most user error, Well some are easy to test for and one of the biggest problems D7000 owners are finding are hot pixels when using movie mode, Live view or long exposures like night shots, I have not tested my camera until today and yes i have 4 bright pixels clearly visible on my screen when in LV, Nikon have now made an announcement that a firmware upgrade is under way to 'sort' the problem, Now Martin and myself and said many times before that if you are silly enough to get the first production batches of a new product not only will you pay top prices but you WILL have teething problems as you are in essence the final Beta testers, I have shot nearly 4000 images since purchasing the D7000 and i must admit its doesn't seem as easy to get a critically sharp image as with say the 12mp Nikon bodies, I think this is due to the size and amount of pixels on the sensor but after some playing around with settings i have found that by using a faster shutter speed than i would normally get away with sorts the image softness and in fact many people on forums saying that they are having focus problems can be easily cured by using a higher shutter speed and refining your technique, One problem with having more pixels on any camera is that it shows the flaws in the cheaper lenses and using 'pro' glass makes a tremendous difference which is why i have said for years that 6-8 mp cameras should still be used for lower end bodies as people new to photography don't want to or cannot  afford the best glass and why should they, But pixels seem to sell cameras so by having more and more pixels you need better glass, bigger hard drives and cards and faster computers-its not a win win situation, I think with the technology in pixles/sensors now an 8 mp cropped or FF camera would be an amazing tool, But i cant see it happening, So there are lessons to be learnt here, If you must have the lastest cameras then learn to live with the fact that problems will be a fact of life until one or 2 firmware upgrades have come out, By that time prices will have fallen as stock becomes readily available and then its the best time to upgrade


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