Monday 13 December 2010

Man flu stopped play

It has been a long time since I have been out with the cameras, what with one thing and another that has been going on.  I wanted to put that right this weekend but sadly man flu has kicked in with a vengeance dropping me down on Saturday and then particularly so yesterday.  So sadly, my current photo drought continues but I hope to put that right next weekend, and we have some good plans for later this month during the Christmas break.

So here's a heads up of some posts that will coming your way over the next couple of weeks or so from me.  I will finish off the Spring Trip Planning with a blog on the Cairngorms in Scotland, and then following on from last year, we will bring the the 12 days of Christmas with a look back at each month of blogging this year.  If you have been a regular reader then it will give you a chance to look back at some of the highlights, and if you are one of the many thousands of new readers, it will be all new material to you, unless you have been back through the archives.....that is.

It is Sunday night as I write this, and it is time to dose myself up with drugs (legal,of course) and hot apple, blackcurrant, honey and whisky, and get off to bed.  Cheers


Edit:  This was supposed to post first thing this morning on auto post.  I told you I was ill!!

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