Thursday 30 December 2010

Review of the Year - Part 2 - February

We bought you a total of 48 posts in February.  As many as any other month, so not bad for the shortest month of the year.  We were clearly in chatty mood this month

Dave started the month off bringing us Deer and Beaver in this post, while later in the month, I popped across to the Forset of Dean looking for Hawfinch, but found Crossbills instead, along with a beautiful little Mandarin Duck.

Looking back through the month, we were clearly in techie gizmo mode judging by the number of posts on the subjects with plenty on the Nikon D3S and the Canon 1Dmk4 as a result of their previous recent launches.

Meanwhile, I wrote a couple of articles based on hands on ownership with the 7D on general handling and also the AF system.  I have been very happy with it this year as it has proved to be a significant upgrade from the 1Dmk3 on many levels.  I know lots of people have poo poo'ed it, but generally they are people who have never picked one up.  I was very sceptical when it was announced as the claims being made on paper were the same that Canon made for the 50D.  But having lived with mine for 9 months now, and Jacqui had one a good few months before me, I can definitely say it has been a great camera.

Here is a Sparrowhawk that called by in the garden shot with the 7D

To see all of our posts from February, here are the archives.

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Back next time with March


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