Friday 24 December 2010

Two firsts today in Stratford

The first first was a this years first.  We had the first Brambling of all of this year in the garden today - a female popped in with the many Chaffinches to take some of the large amount of seed that is out in the garden.  It was great to see one of these back with us. The first time in three years.

The second first was an all time first for me here in Stratford.  Walking back over the bridge in town  half an hour ago, I saw two female Goosanders on the river.  Their distinctive sawbills with the little downturn hook on them showing very well.  To think I had to fly out to Switzerland three years ago to photograph these with Dave too.

One of them came up with a fish and promptly got hassled by a dozen screaming Black Headed Gulls, but it managed to swallow its prey and avoid the mugging.

As I have said on a couple of previous blogs, the extreme weather throws up some interesting wildlife anomalies.  Let us know what you are seeing in your area that is different from the norm.

A Christmas message from me will be posted tomorrow.


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  1. Strangely coincidental but we spotted a single Brambling among the chaffinches we see here in s Wales. Numbers and spread of species are similar to Feb'10 but fewer (4 v 8) Songies, and yet to see LTT's, Wren & Goldcrest. Plusses are single Goldfinch visiting sunflower heart feeder, pair of Reed Buntings and male Bullfinch with two females - lucky chap!
    Seasons Greetings to you & Dave.