Saturday 11 December 2010

A quickie today

Lying here in bed on Saturday morning, with a bit of  hangover after a lengthy drinking bender in Manchester yesterday, in addition to a minor cold that will probably develop into full blown man flu by lunchtime, today's offering from me will be brief and I will link to some recommended reading for you.

A few years ago after I went to Formby to photograph the Red Squirrels, I travelled across to Whitby on the North East coast of England.  There I spent an entertaining and educational weekend on a landscape phonographic course with a fine gentleman by the name of Keith Henson.  An excellent photographer and teacher as well as a great sense of humour.

It was while browsing through my phone at various tweets that I came across a link to Keith's latest blog post, so having in read it through at length and thought I would share it with you.  So here it is ....thoughtful and entertaining commentary.  Hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Hi Martin - interesting blog by Keith. Enjoyed it so much I read all his other posts. Didn't always agree but he has insight.