Monday 5 March 2012

Adobe - Heads up on Upgrades

Dave and I had a Skype catch up recently and one of the many topics of conversation was the upgrade path policy on Adobe products.

It used to be that if you had say Photoshop CS2 you could bu the upgrade to take you to CS5 as you could make the cheaper route option with up to 3 levels of version variance.

Caution, my friends - No more is that the case.

So unless you upgrade at each an every version, and miss one out you will pay full whack.

So for example, you are on CS4, CS5 is current and CS6 is just around the corner, then if you wait you will be shelling out £600 or thereabouts instead of ca. £150.

OK, so you are now warned.

I will check out Lightroom and see if that is the same, but will assume so.

So if you are on levels below CS5 or LR3, get buying if you want to save in the longer term

Links below for UK and US purchasers.

For UK buyers

For US/International buyers


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