Wednesday 21 March 2012

Overheating Problem - Request for Help

Regular readers will need no reminding of my views of all things beginning with a small 'i'.

It was quite hilarious to see the massive queue of about 5 to 600 hundered people outside the Apple store in Birmingham at just gone 8 AM last Friday. If only they had a little more patience and gone back in the afternoon, you could be in an out inside 5 minutes with no queue for any model of the 'New iPad' that you might have wanted. I know because I did it.

So now you are back on your seat or have stopped laughing, then read on.

Now, I posted about throwaway technology a couple of months back, and I stand by that view with the annual launch of what are now very expensive phones and even more expensive tablets, and entry level camera bodies.

So with that in mind, what did I have to lose? Well a lot of money and the need to buy some humble pie. I did the former and will do latter, if I still have the bloody thing on Friday week and haven't taken up the 14 day no quibble return.

After the last two frustrating nights trying to some basic things like load photos, a return trip to the Apple Store is probably more likely than not.

So a very quick review first.

The slidey swipey interface is better than my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Some of the connectivity is better. Images do look a bit better. The screen is very nice but really not much better, if at all, than the Galaxy, but given that Apple have made a big thing of it, then the previous models must have been pretty crap.

Not noticed any overheating of the iPad as is currently being reported - plenty from me out of frustration with bloody iTunes and photo loading though.

How crap is it that you cannot plug in a Cf card reader into the USB adapter that comes with the Camera Connection Kit

Apple says no - connect camera with an old fashioned bit of wire. Welcome back to technology pre-card readers. How quaint. No Cf card readers by Apple - OK lets leave camera pro body owners in the cack then.

And as for iTunes as the device to upload images - well what a crock!!!

So I get around after my little rant to my plea for help.

Fellow photographers how do you do the following please?

  1. Upload images direct from a Cf Card ?
  2. Upload images from a portfolio on your PC (not Mac) ? - now sorted
  3. Do you use iTunes or some other app ?
  4. When you get the photographs on the Ipad, how do you move them about, create new folders, delete and generally do stuff with them ? - now sorted
  5. What portfolio App do you use and why ?
  6. What editing app do you use and why ?
  7. What File uploader/transfer App do you use ?
Apologies if these questions are bit lame and should be bloody obvious, but it is not obviously intuitive with frigging iTunes.

At the moment, all my pre-conceived notions of why I was/still am anti 'i' products have only been reinforced. But if there is an easy way, and I am sure there must be, then I will give it a second chance, and if it is blindingly easy, then I may well eat that humble pie.

So answers to any or all of the above will really be most gratefully received. Please leave comments and if you want to arrange communications through medium that you want to remain private, then we will not publish any private details so please fell free to that if you can help.

I have until Friday next week to get to 'love' this bloody thing or it is going back, and the Galaxy will see the light again. If the Apple stays, the Tab is on eBay.

Look forward to your helpful comments.

Update - answered a couple of the 'Bloody iTunes' problems!! Slightly happier, but still would like to nail the other questions please



  1. Hi Martin, sounds like its been a frustrating time ! I personally don't have one but I know 'Cobydog' has been using one for a while - he seemed pleased with it when he came up here last summer.


  2. Well I found out the answer to a couple of my frustrations Robbie.

    Drag and drop, and USB connectivity on Android is 100 times better than the crock that is iTunes

  3. I do indeed have a ipad. Mine is the MKI version and does everything I need it to do. I don't upload directly to it, and only use the supplied software for saving any images I send to it from the PC. I never use it for photo editing either.

  4. iTunes is the major reason why I have never even considered any Apple products - it is quite possibly the worst piece of software in history! I understand that other software can be used nowadays (and I'm told Media Monkey is one of the best). I have used Media Monkey for my MP3s on PC and it's good but have no experience with it in conjunction with iTrash so you'll have to try that one for yourself.