Saturday 24 March 2012

General Update

The last few days the camera has stayed indoors away from the heavy pine pollen, Today i drove down a main road near my house and it was like driving through a green mist, This happens every year but this year its early and very heavy, Sit outside with your camera gear for an hour an its covered so i will wait and hope for a very heavy storm to get it over with,
Birds are going mad in the garden chasing each other around and pairing up, We now have a pair of Bluebirds taking nesting material into one of the bird boxes although they come nowhere near the feeders,
The lucky few have now had their D800's delivered but i was one of the many unlucky ones, Nikon have their inventory next week so the warehouses are closed so i guess i am looking at a 2-3 week wait minimum, I read that if you have not ordered by now you could be looking at August!! I have to say that the images that i have seen on the net look amazing and this has been backed up by the DXO mark ratings which came out higher than any other camera full stop see here, This is sensor based scores only but it does seems that Nikon with the D4 and D800 really do have a couple of amazing cameras and it really looks like Nikon is about to have an amazing year,
On a sour note it seems that Nikon are saying that they have fucked up their prices of the D4 and D800 in the UK and yesterday increased the prices by 500 GBP for the D4 and 200GBP for the D800, I sure hope that anybody who has pre ordered doesnt have to pay the extra (edit-it seems that if you have already pre ordered then you still have to pay the extra-Boo to Nikon for that one)

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