Wednesday 14 March 2012

Spring-its hot

Spring has certainly sprung here in the Carolina's, A typical spring day here is like a good summers day in the UK, This week its going be between 75 and 80 degrees and a nice clear cloudless blue sky, I haven't had the cameras out for the past week due to spring cleaning, Helping a friend settle in to her new home and lots of gardening, The soil in the Carolina's is a heavy red clay, Just like you get in Africa, Its a real pain to try and dig into and in the heat it really takes it out of you but there are some nice looking areas in the garden so the hard work is paying off and i need to loose a few pounds anyways, I want to get it all out of the way so that when the D800 arrives i can play to my hearts content, It will take a day to sort out the custom functions and micro adjust all the lenses, When i was at the garden center the other day i bought a dwarf plum tree that is heavy in bud and will put a feeder under it and hope to get some birds landing on it, Its only around 3 feet high and will grow to a max of 5 feet so it can be planted in a pot and moved around the garden as needed and use year after year, I am always on the look out for something photographically pleasing and this should be just the ticket.
Talking of the D800 i read that Nikon has said that the preorders were 'unprecedented' and its already hit the No1 spot on Amazon for Dslr sales, I sure hope that Nikon will be able to keep up with demand, Rumors are that Canon has a large stock of the 5D3 so customers who preordered wont have a long wait which is how it should be
I have been looking at SD cards for the D800, I nearly bought some a couple of months ago but held back in the hope of 2 CF card slots, I have a 32GB CF card (Sandisk Extreme Pro) and will likely get a 32 GB Extreme Pro to go along side it, I have always used Sandisk and can highly recommend them, I see no reason to change and if you are listening Sandisk-yes please. I have never been one for having huge cards but the files on the D800 will be pretty big so a 32 GB card is not really that big, The D800 should be shipping around this time next week


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