Friday 9 March 2012

Lightroom - A quick play

So in keeping bang up with technology, I bring you the first images on the blog processed in the just superseded Lightroom 3. As regular readers will know we are both fans of Phase One's Capture One RAW processing software.

Well I have generally shied away from Lightroom as a processing tool, and have just generally dabbled with it as a library tool. I did some processing with it in the beta test stages and was quite impressed as it was the first Adobe RAW processor that didn't make Canon 7D files in particular look worse unlike earlier versions of the Adobe RAW processing engine.

So here are a some side by side comparisons of firstly the Capture One RAW conversion with some Photoshop CS5 work to complete the cropping and sharpening functions with the second image processed in Lightroom

Images taken at Gigrin Kite feeding station in Wales in October 2010 with the 7D and 500 f4L

While there are actually very obvious differences in the processing in terms of sky colour, due to operator error on my part, I have say when lookiing at the full size images on my screen, I am very impressed with the Lightroom images.

I will do some more tesing and watch a few YouTube tutorials to improve my skills, but loking good so far.

There is a long way to go before I decide whether I will stick with full Photoshop or not. With upgrades massively cheaper than the full version, (ca.£150 v £600) it will be a brave move to bale out of future upgrades now.


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  1. Lightroom is fab!...i'm sure you'll find it much easier to use that PS.. I sure do..