Sunday 11 March 2012

Springtime - new life blooming

These last few warm sunny days have bought out the new life in droves this weekend. With our first butterfly sighting of the year yesterday, a Brimstone and then lots more of them today as well as Small Tortoiseshells, Comma and Peacock , the garden has sprung back to life.

Marsh Marigolds, Speedwell, and Red Dead Nettle are all in bloom and the Snakeshead Fritilary bulbs I planted in the Autumn and now well up and bloom heads forming.

Pond activity is very busy and noisy. After a brief spot of spawn a while back, nothing more has happened, but they are certainly 'at it'

The Crows still amaze and entertain us with their antics. Yesterday it was pulling dead strands of leaves from some of the pond plants, then flying away with beak fulls for nesting. They have also taken to turning over stones from the pond and I found one today about six feet away and up on one of the feeding logs stumps. Very strange behaviour.

All in all it is shaping up nicely to get out their very soon with the 5Dmk2 and 180 macro.

Talking of gear, here is an early notification that I will be selling my Canon 300f2.8 IS L lens. It is not the current Mark 2 but the previous version. It is as sharp as a very sharp thing, and one of Canon's fastest AF response lenses. I am selling it as for my type of photography I am not using it. A check through the catalogue function on Lightroom tells me so.

It is in immaculate condition, with all the factory gear, including fancy case, and will also have a neoprene camo lens coat, plus additional lens hood. If you are seriously interested, and based in the UK only, please contact me via the comments. Leave me a contact name, number and email and we can talk. Comments are not automatically published as we moderate, so pleased be assured we will not publish your personal details. I know the price these are going for so I am just asking for what I know I will be able to get for it. So it will not be let go of wither cheaply or overpriced, as I just want the going market rate.

If you are wondering where the Focus blog report is, John has sent it across to me and I will get it published on Tuesday for you.


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