Thursday 22 March 2012

Pixels do sell

Canon may have been right all these years by bringing out cameras with a higher pixel count than the competition as the Nikon D800 seems to be proving, I am not saying that more pixels is a good thing, Look at the Canon 50D, In its day it was a high pixel count cropped sensor body but anybody who has seen a ISO 800 file from it will tell you that its not a pretty sight, The last few weeks i have trawled through various forums looking for info on the D800 either good or bad and have seen people talk themselves into needing 36 mp for all kinds of photography where the D800 is not based at, I have seen people say that it will be good for birds in flight, There are much better cameras for that, Motorsports as well, 4fps should tell you that there are hundreds of better cameras for fast moving subjects and i have seen wedding photographers who have sold their D3s's and have ordered 2 D800, Well i am not a wedding photographer but have done a few and one thing that sticks out is that a lot of the time you are shooting in very low light and a D3s/D4 would be a safer bet or at least keep 1 and have a D800 for portraits etc, I have seen the justification that if you down size to 12mp the noise will be as good or slightly better than a D3-so keep the D3/D3s then and stop wasting pixels, The D800 should start hitting the streets today so give it a few days and lets see what people have to say, I today read that 1 guy sent his D4 back as be basically didn't like where the new back AF button was after using other Nikons for years, I have hoped that was oen thing that Nikon would change as using the D3s its so easy to hit the back AF ON button with the palm of your hand when holding the camera in landscape mode, I have done it many times, New cameras will take some getting used to and to just give it 1 or 2 days is crazy
My advise when buying a new camera is to look at what you shoot and then get the best body for that style of photography, If possible get to a shop,friend or rent and have a play with the camera, Buying a camera on spec can lead to disappointment,


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