Wednesday 28 March 2012

Oh poorly me

I have been a bit poorly over the last few day, Very achy in the legs and hips and wanting to sleep all the time, Reminds me of when i had the tic problem, I cant find any tic bites but will keep a close eye on the situation, That hasn't stopped me going out for the past couple of evenings, Things have changed, Firstly the weather has cooled off and we now have spring weather inside of the summer of last week, We even had a frost warning 2 nights ago, I don't know if this has affected the wildlife but they have been acting differently over the last couple of evenings, Monday night when the temperatures really dropped saw the deer and rabbit out early and then nothing, I came in after 3 quiet hours and watched out of the window until past midnight and nothing, The next morning the food was gone and the woodpecker branch was knocked over, I think that a raccoon may have tried to get to the bird food via the branch and toppled it, Last night the fox was in my garden before sundown which was a new one, There was still light in the sky as i watched it patrol the back of the garden, It fed at another tree and started to make its way towards me when i looked up and legged it into the woods and came out with another fox, They stayed for 25 minutes but didn't feed and then left, 2 hours later i was aching and packed up, The deer didn't show and this morning the food was gone and the woodpecker branch was on the deck again, Looks like i will have to do an all nighter and see whats going on (when i feel better)
The red bellied woodpecker was back yesterday which was nice as i havent seen it for a while and the last few days we have had up to 5 brown headed cowbirds on the feeder which is more of a seasonal thing, I think they are passing through but nice to see anyway,
Still no D800 but i am hoping it will be soon, I ordered the grip and spare battery and i see that the grips are hitting the streets which is quick so now i will need to get a L bracket and need to decide whether a Kirk or RRS, Both are roughly the same price, I have an RRS bracket on my D3s,
I have been keeping an eye on the forums and looking for people who have the D800 and 5D3 in real world conditions, There is the usual crap, Cats/dogs and kids playing soccer, Alot that could be taken with a D3000 and would have probably been better but then we knew that would happen, Today i saw some real images from people who knew what they are doing see this image, its a big one but worth the download wait, the detail is just incredible!i=1763885715&k=BN6QTnD&lb=1&s=O
and for a decent write up read Brad Hills blog
Digilloyds 5D3 first impressions of the 5D3 were not overly favorable but it was just a first impression rather than a full review and new bodies do take some time to adjust to, Lots and lots to read and you need to be selective on who and what is worth looking at, Lots of people who have not much experience paraphrasing others as well as a few who are not that experienced now having 36 mp to play with,
One bug showing up early is that some D800's may have a green tint to their screens, I wonder of this is like the early batches of Apples new Ipad which had a yellowish tint and turned out that the glue was still curing and after a few days or using a hair dryer on it the tint goes.


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