Tuesday 6 March 2012

Lightroom 4 and Camera Raw

Following on from yesterday post, Abode released Lightroom 4 today and for the first time that i have known its all ready for the new camera like the D4 and D800 which is great as there is nothing worse than having a new camera and not the software to properly process your images, When i got the Nikon D7000 i had to convert the NEF into a tiff and then import them into PS which is not going to give you the best results, I am guessing that the New cameras were available to software producers last year giving them time to sort out the new programmes due to the delay in the cameras coming to the market due to the tsunami and floods. Either was its good news, Not so good news for those still running Windows XP is that LR4 wont work and you will need to upgrade to vista or windows 7 and on the mac side it will not work with a 32 bit mac, The price of $149 for the full version seems reasonable as well, I dabbled with LR2 and didn't like it but i may have a play with this, It would be nice to get away from Photoshop as that's just getting expensive as Martin mentioned in his last blog
Adobe also announced Camera RAW 6.7 but in release candidate mode so that you can update CS5 and it too will work with all the new cameras, I will wait until the final version is released but its there if you want it so that you can download the RAW files from the new cameras and have a play


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