Friday 2 March 2012

The Whaling continues

Not in Japan but on the forums, Lots and lots of very disappointed people and half i am sure that would have never bought the 5D3 even if it was over 30mp, Canon also announced some accessories for the 5D3 in the shape of a new battery grip and a new top of the line flashgun which sounds really cool as it uses radio as opposed to line of sight which is about time and wish that Nikon would do it, The thing that kills it is like all new Canon products at the moment-The Price,$630 and another $470 for the transmitter, I think although it looks good that i would be inclined to just use pocket wizards on a EX580, The ST-E3 does look good in the fact that you can have 5 groups but for me the new Canon gear is just way over priced

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