Sunday 25 March 2012

New Garden Arrivals

One of the great floral sights at this time of year can be found in a large meadow on the Oxfordshire at Iffley with a great swathe of native SnakesheadFritillary flowers.

As I blogged recently here, I have a few of these coming up in the wildlife garden now. Bought as bulbs from native UK stock in the autumn, I planted them last year and have waited patiently for them to appear.

With the warm weather of Friday and yesterday, they have now started to show properly.

Saturday afternoon - emerging still with slightly harsh sunlight

This morning before the sun was over the fence line, and still with the dew

There are a few more to come out yet. They will never replicate the beautiful meadows of this rare in the wild plant, but it is nice to have my own small patch of them.

In the more shady part of the garden, the bluebell spikes are showing well, with wood anemones, cowslip and Lords and Ladies showing too. Hoping it is going to be a good garden year for wildflowers


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