Wednesday 7 March 2012


Well that was close, and when I wrote Mondays blog, I had no idea or inside information that LR4 was due to be launched immediately the day after (yesterday).

In fact, I was just ordering my upgrade copy of LR3 to make sure I didn't get caught out and about ten minutes later, I received a tweet from one of the people I follow to confirm that LR4 was now available and being sold at Focus on Imaging

So if you are in the market for an upgrade and you are at LR 2 level, I would hurry up and snap any remaining stock unless you want to pay full whack for the next level.

I am loading my copy as I type this, but beware, as my copy from Amazon was clearly well down level and on launch after loading, I was taken to an an upgrade of version to 3.6 I think, so effectively downloaded and reinstalled the whole thing over again. Hey ho.

I will be interested to have a play with the RAW converter engine, because IIRC the short play I had with the beta version a good while back lead to some pretty good results.

Maybe, if it is good enough, and I also upgrade to the latest LR 4, I can dispense with spending anymore money on Capture One or full Photoshop. But the RAW converter is going to have to be good to tempt me away from Capture One.

Will have a play over the next week or so and let you know.

Meanwhile, my buddy John will let me have his views from Focus this week and we will upload as soon as we can. I know it was an expensive trip for him, but I will let him tell that story



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