Thursday 15 March 2012

Frog Blog '12 - Part 2 - Terror from the Skies

Well it is always great to get new species in the garden, rather than over it. But what on the face of it is always impressive bird to see for its size, impressive call and prehistoric look, is the last thing that our frogs wanted to see.

The frog chorus at nightime has been very impressive for the last few nights, and a number of clumps of spawn have been laid. Up to 6 now as I write this on Wednesday evening. Although I did put one clump back in the water this morning that had been fished out on the grass - Crows I suspect.

On Monday evening on my drive home, I had an excited call from my wife, Jac, to tell me that we had a Heron in the pond and waddling around in the reflection pool.

Well It was still light when I arrived home last night and I was greeted by teh arrival of the Heron again.

It came and went a few times, and I witnessed the loss of at least a couple of frogs sadly. our neighbour says it has been in an out all day.

So this year is looking bad for the adult frogs. I hope they hurry up and get the spawn laid.

Having said I wanted to sell my 300f2.8L, it was the perfect lens last night, shooting with the 7D and from my bedroom window.

Overall a bitter sweet moment - cruel nature. It was sad seeing the loss of frogs that are our garden friends and companions through much of the year, and that have grown up in this place over the last few years.

The end of a Frog


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