Sunday 18 March 2012

An Exciting week ahead

This week will see some lucky people get their new Nikon D800 and Canon 5D MK3 and in the last few days the first shipment of the Nikon D4 has been delivered and a few images have hit the forums, Hopefully it wont be too long before proper reviews hit the internet, Here is a quicky about the D4, As the guy says its more evolution than revolution and not much of an upgrade over the D3s unless you are into video, It might be prudent to grab a D3s now either new or a good secondhand one and grab a bargain, i am interested to see if the 5D3 is much of an upgrade over the 5D2 or is it again a video upgrade rather than stills, At least it will have a decent AF system, Canon made a big deal about it being 2 stops better than the 5D2 but thats in Jpeg only and the images that have been released show heavy noise reduction and lack of detail so i am interested to see how the RAW files perform, I know one of the main complaints with the 5D2 was banding so hopefully the new sensor will have that sorted, I think the specs of the 5D3 are very impressive and will make a great all round camera whereas the D800 is a big more specialized due to the high pixel rate and slower frame rate, The manuals for the D800/D800E and 5D3 are now available for download so you can have a good read before your new camera arrives, Strangley the first camera to be announced being the Canon 1DX is the last out of the box and it was only last week that BH started to take pre orders, I dont know what the hold up was or why they could not take pre orders before but lets hope that Canon have the problems sorted

On a local front the spring has bought out the bugs, The tree's have started to drop their pollen which in NC is a big deal as we have a month of everything covered in a green dust and the snakes have started to appear, I know this as we have had 2 run over on out street this week, A large black snake and a young snake which i think was a king snake, Either way its time to watch where you tread in the woods, Oh and i have had my first tic of the year as has my dog so be careful out there


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