Thursday 8 March 2012

Rogue Flashbender

I mentioned in a previous blog that i had purchased a Rogue Flashbender from the NC Trade show, I had not seen one before and they were not on show, For under $30 i was not expecting much as a simple plastic stofen costs around $15, So when i opened the package i was amazed at just good the quality of the product was, Its made from a thick nylon with a white interior, You can feel the quality just by picking it up, I now wish that i had bought 2, I intend to use it mainly as a snoot so that i can direct the light to the back of a fox or raccoon without the fear of light bleeing into the image but it can be bent into various shapes as there are 2 flexible 'rods' built into the back as you can see from the images so would also be great when you want to bounce some light but also fill the face, It will fit just about any speedlite/flashgun as it attaches by an elasticated band and velcro-all of which are again good quality, I can see this being taken everywhere with me as it folds flat
Here are some images to give you the idea

And with careful placement of you flashguns using a snoot you can get images like this

As a side note, With all the talk about the new Nikon D800 and D800E, The D800 not having the AA filter to give a slightly sharper image but at the cost of possibly have Moire in certain circumstances-you can actually see some moire in the images of the flashbender using the D3s which has an AA filter


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