Saturday 3 March 2012

Canon 5Dmk111 - The only time I am going to comment

So it's here then.

Great. (Not sure how to do an irony smile)

Priced at a clear £600 more than the Nikon is about what I expected. Canon continue to shift the bar substantially, on price, with every upgrade.. I suppose at least it is not a 50% hike this time as we have seen before, but 25% over its replacement is plenty.

I have had a cursory glance at the specs - OK big deal. (Add another irony smiley here)

But checking out the other accessories launched at the same time had me in fits of laughter. £329 for a battery grip - 100% price hike!! Congratulations Canon

And check out the flash and other accessories that they are bringing to market.

I guess Nikon must be wringing their hands with glee in anticipation.

I like my mark2, but on the face of it, it will almost certainly be the last Canon body that I have purchased for my short range/FF photography.

With better wides, better flash gear, the transition out to Nikon will be financially less painful in the short term and unless Canon's price get seriously better in the next twelve months or so, then I guess the inevitable will happen.

OK - my blog lips are now sealed on any further 5Dmk111 comments, but I expects Dave's wont be :-)

On the long lens front, apparently the 500 and 600 mark 2's are going to be available in May. Only about 20 months after being announced. Still I guess if you need one, you have had 20 months to save the £450 for each month passed, if you want a 500.

In fact, given the length is always a problem for wildlife, these prices make the 800 now look to be a better option.

Looking forward, my buddy at work, John Colson will be our roving reporter at Focus on Imaging when he goes there on Monday, and a blog report will follow shortly after. John is a great photographer for weddings, portraits and gig work, so check out his site and his report for us next week

Enjoy the rest of your weekend



  1. Hi Martin, I think you need a few more irony smilies for all those over priced accessories!! :') :') Canon have totally lost the plot this last 2-3 years. Using the depreciation of the Yen to hike up prices just doesn't wash any more. Over £600 for a flash that has some cheap Radio trigger parts in is taking the p***. They really are handing the semi pro and pro market to Nikon on a silver, make that gold plate. I was thinking of going full frame with the 5D mk111 but at these prices I'll be sticking with my 7D until the Nikon D800 has been out for a while and the price has settled a bit. I think Canon are going to lose a lot of customer loyalty with there constant over pricing of new products. Rant over!!!
    See you on the Dark side in a few months :-)
    Neil Kristiansen

  2. Shows us how much the pommy pound has gone down the drain in the last few years,theres not a lot you can around on the internet.DWI are very good at it.