Sunday 4 March 2012

The PPNC Trade Show

Today i went to North Carolina's biggest camera trade show held in Durham so not too far, It was actually the Professional Photographers of NC trade show, I had free tickets from the Carolina Nature Photographers Association, We arrived at 10.50 as the show started at 11am, Within a few minutes we were registered and waited for 11am, Well to cut a long story short we walked around it 3 times, Had a chat with a couple of people bought a Flashbender and was back in the car at 11.35am, It was hardly photokina, Canon did have a stand.well 2 tables butted together and had a few bodies and some lenses on it and that was it-nothing new like the 1DX or 5D3 but then again i didn't really expect it and Nikon was a no show, Canon was infact the only Camera Manufacturer there, I mentioned the other day that i had made a half snoot out of the center of a toilet roll so when i had a look at the Rogue Flashbender at under $30 it was a no brainer to get one and make my life somewhat easier, So for free it was ok but i am glad that i didnt pay the $10 entrance


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