Friday 2 March 2012

Canon 5D MK3 announced

What a year this is turning out to be, We have had the Nikon D4, D800 and now the 5D3 added to the new 1DX, Great time to be a photographer but i have to say its a better time to be a Nikon shooter, Looking at the new 5D3 specs they seem somewhat underwhelming compared to the D800, personally i like the 22mp sensor size and if Nikon had made the new D700 around this i am sure more Nikon users would have been happy but marketing says that the Nikon will be a huge success especially as its also cheaper than the Canon, The specs have been leaked a few days and there are lots of very unhappy Canon users on the forums, I think that with Nikon offering with and without AA filters adds extra spice to the D800 and drives the knife a bit deeper, First thing that i thought when i looked at the new 5D3 was that its quite a boring looking camera, Strange you may think and its whats in side that matters but Canon do not seem to have thought about updating the 5D much and i have to say it to me personally already looks dated, The 5D2 has been around a long time and its a very good camera only let down by some banding and its been around some time, Going from 21mp to 22mp doesnt sound like much of a change and i only hope that the new sensor has great DR and high ISO capabilities which it should, Either way Nikon has stolen its thunder
I am sure that it will give great IQ and will sell by the bucket load although it will be interesting to see if 5D2 owners decide to upgrade or by the D800, Until we see proper reviews its anybodies guess, Canon is saying that the MK3 is 2 stops better than the MK2, Again i will await proper testing as i have little faith in Canons claims

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