Saturday 10 March 2012

Nikon D800-Ordered

The Nikon D800 was announced about 5 weeks ago and all the big retailers sold their pre orders in a matter of hours, However Amazon and BH reopened their preorders with the same delivery date of March 20th, I managed to scrap the money together and just as i was about to phone around when Gary from Hunts Photo phoned me as he had seen that i was interested by a comment on one of the forums and we came to an agreement and the order for a D800 with battery grip and spare battery was placed and now i will sit and hope that in the next 2 weeks i have one in my hands, Hunts have a great reputation here in the States and i would rather deal with them than say one of the bigger dealers here, I have to say that i have ummed and arred for a couple of weeks whether i should go for the D800 or the D800E but in the end i decided to play safe and go for the plain D800, I do shoot a variety of subjects and looking at the samples on the Nikon website i think the D800 was the one for me, I also had to get my head straight that another full frame camera to go with my D3s was the right way to go as i like to have a FF and DX to cover all eventualities, The D400 will be out this year at some point and i did wonder if that may be a better bet for what i do but there is lots of rumors that it may also be FF and by the time i find out and then get one in my hands it could be 6 or more months away, Both Martin and myself have always said not to be a beta tester and rush in and get a new model-let others test it and sort the firmware out etc and i totally agree with this, However i think that Nikon have had extra time to get stuff sorted due to the tsunami etc and all the raw files that have hit the market have looked great and for the amount of megapixels look amazing, I have also kept an eye on the D4 and have looked at a lot of the Raw files from that at all ISO's and to be honest its not much of a jump if you already have a D3s and although it does look an amazing camera i will sit this upgrade out, If the D800 arrives by the end of this month i will take it away for a weeks testing and will probably go up to the Smoky Mountains for both scenics and wildlife, Fingers crossed


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  1. Hi Dave,

    You should be alright with the D800 as it will give you the best of both worlds with the DX crop being 16mp so it will be like having the D7000 when you need it.

    I look forward to seeing some shots when you get it.