Tuesday 5 January 2010

Review of the Year Part 11 - November

Full archive for November can be found here covering all 36 posts but some of my favourites were as follows.

Dave started the month off Bob Dylan style - well almost and then went off to see the New York skyline, before getting lost in technology, at least a  couple of times.

I started my BTO winter counts for a couple of tetrads that I am monitoring as part of the Bird Atlas 2007-2011 work, and then went off to find some local fungi with these two reports.

I also got some hands on time with the Canon 7D and reviewed back to back with the 1Dmk111 on an ISO test

This post and the one I did in December on AF testing have seen a huge number of views, so clearly it is something that some of you are interested in.

I was very cynical about the Canon marketing speak, based on my own experiences of ownership of the 1Dmk111 and use of the 50D, when comparing to the claims made for them.  I said I would let the testing tell the story for the 7D and remain sceptical until I had hands on time.  Well it is good, and a significant upgrade over the 40D, and a more massive leap compared to the 50D for image quality/ISO noise.

Dave picked up on AF systems here, and I will cover it a bit more in the review for December.

Anyway, there were lots of other good posts as well as these, so check them out.

Stat porn for November

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