Sunday 3 January 2010

Time to keep warm

I have been an outdoors man for as many years as i care to remember, As a kid i was a keen fisherman and this went on through my youth-until i was 30, I fished for specimen carp,pike,barbel and chub as well as other species and at one point i held the largest fully scaled carp in the UK, Fishing year in and year out through all weathers taught me one thing-If you are not comfortable then you are not enjoying yourself and you may as well go home, For most of us photography is for enjoyment and i for one love to shoot in cold conditions, The light is sweeter,especially when there is snow about, but to be outside in minus temperatures for long periods of time means that you need to dress accordingly, Dress in layers and dress in quality clothing, This is no time to skimp on costs, The chink in my armour for a while has been decent boots, i have survived for years on skeetex boots and these have done me proud but all good things come to an end and now is the time to invest in a good replacement, I thought of getting some sorrel boots as these have been highly rated for years, But after looking around i went to Cabelas and bought some of their extreme weather pac boots, these arrived when i was at the Outer Banks and i have yet to put them through their paces, my friends leave on Monday and i expect to be out early tuesday, the weather in NC like most of the USA is going through a cold spell and this will be a good test until i get up to New Jersey in a week or so, First impression of the boots is of quality, they are a large boot mainly through padding and insulation,They are rated at -150 so should be good for anything the weather throws at me here,Europe,Japan etc, They seem comfortable and have a replacable inner boot which is a nice touch, Cabelas has a sale on at present and these boots are around $120 which is a bargain, I went for the camo version but other styles are available-More details here ,so dress accordingly and stay safe


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