Sunday 17 January 2010

Trip Report - Short Eared Owls

The weather and the light felt right, the wind was very gentle, the snow has melted, so surely the Short Eared Owls would be up again for some much needed food. That was my thinking before we ventured off down the Cotswolds today.

As I pulled up at my usual spot one was already up and flying. A quick set up and off we went.

Just into a stoop for some supper


Small in the frame but wanted an enviro shot here


Scrap with a Kestrel.  The Owl got the upper hand as it had the height advantage (Image is a big crop sadly)

Now I mentioned about following me on Twitter  a couple of posts back.  If you had been,  this afternoon you would have live updates in between shots.



  1. Great images of the Short Eared Owl.

  2. Bob,

    Many thanks for the feedback

    It was a great day out, and I hope to get some time back there before they migrate north, where I am hoping to catch them later in the year as well