Monday 4 January 2010

Review of the Year Part 10 - October

So into the final quarter of the year.

The Autumn was very dry in the UK and so it was barren for fungi until November, or at least it was around here in Warwickshire.

In terms of blogs for the month, we made 38 posts for the month.

I had a go at Bats in flight and Dave melted his flash head.

Canon announced the 1Dmk4, which still hasn't made it into the shops here in the UK in any numbers, and Nikon announced the D3S.

Dave took a trip to the Smokey Mountains plus here, here and here and to New York for a few of days.

I got all philosophical about unpaid beta testing for manufacturers and we shared a few news stories with you from the world of wildlife and here too.

Stat porn for October  2,418 page views from 561 unique visitors from 38 countries.

Two more to go


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