Wednesday 20 January 2010

Trip Report-New Jersey-Long tailed Duck Gallery

The Long Tailed Ducks were one of the highlights of the trip for me, I wasnt expecting them and they were there in large numbers, They were also approachable, Either where you could walk close to them comparatively speaking or where you could stay in one spot and they would approach you, The way to get LTD in flight would be to have some close by and just behind you, At some point a flock would fly in from the sea and land close to birds in the channel, This would mean that they came straight at you and then dropped (they don't land delicately) into the water close by, I think they are a very beautiful duck with a comical face, I think i spent more time shooting LTD's than anything else, They have very white heads and you had to make sure that your exposures were good and not to blow the whites out, As they were fairly numerous i would every now and again take a shot of a duck and check the histogram to make sure the light hadn't changed and that there weren't any blinkies, New Jersey was certainly a great winter venue for the Long Tailed Ducks and i will be visiting again this time next year, Some images have small crops for presentation, The images were processed on my uncalibrated laptop so any colour problems are easily solved, These are just a small selection of the LTD images, I have still to download and go through all of them so just picked a few of my favorites





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