Sunday 31 January 2010

Anyone worked out the point of the iPad yet?

Like lots of people, I like my technical gizmos and enjoy staying well connected on the move.  It has been fantastic this last year with my little Samsung Netbook and 3G stick, both from a personal and work perspective.  I am enjoying even better and easier connectivity via my new HTC Hero phone.

So when Apple launched the iPad last week, many of us have been scratching our heads and wondering just why.

I can see absolutely no need for something that is the same size as the Netbook, has got a fraction of the facilities, and over twice the price.

There are some very funny You Tube videos already posted that made me chuckle, particularly based on the Downfall of Hitler film.

So what is the relevance of this post to this blog.  Well as I have said here in the past, the Netbook is a brilliant tool for backing up images, plus processing, plus blogging while mobile. 

Sadly the iFad fails to hit any of these needs for me, and yet again an outrageous price.  They are beginning to make Canon's comedy prices look reasonable.

So to conclude, yet again another triumph of style and high pricing over substance.......a solution for a problem that doesnt exist or has already been covered well by existing phones and netbooks.
Have a look at the different options below if you want value and performance for money.

Right that's enough of that.  I am off to see some wildlife.



  1. Yeah I couldn't work out what is the point of it was....
    For the price you could get an Iphone and a netbook!!??
    And you cant view memory cards and edit images, so pointless for a photographer.
    Although it does look very nice, a great piece of design!

  2. A money maker for Apple?

  3. Apple's Marketing department trying to justify its existence in a recession .... can't think of anything groundbreaking so let's do the obvious.... take every other device and mash it into something new to tempt people to part with their cash for functionality they probably already own in other devices, but haven't yet realised it!

    Not the next iPod then but from Apple so two things will be certain: will look desirable and will get on with job with much less fuss and hassle than Bill G's cumbersome offerings.

    Although I use Windows (if only 'cos that's what I use for work)I will admit that whilst expensive Apple do seem to deliver with the minimum of techy fuss. If I can sum up with a motoring analogy: it increasingly seems to me that if you drive an Apple you benefit if you're a good driver, whereas if you drive the competition you also need to be a qualified mechanic!

    iPad ? - I can't see my wife changing her iPhone in a rush and if she did I'll be first in line for the cast-off!