Friday 22 January 2010

Firmware update for Canon MK4 AF

All looks a bit familiar dare i say-see here


  1. ALREADY!!
    Its only been out a few weeks and already there's slight problems, Is this usual with canon new releases?
    if this turns out to be a 1D3 De ja vue then i think a lot of pro's will be saying "Hello Nikon"

  2. Ashley, Huge numbers of pros switched across to Nikon because of problems with the 1Dmk3 and because of how well the Niokn D3 worked. Dave himself did exactly that.

    If I was a professional photographer and needed to derive my income from it, then I too wou7ld have switched. But as more of a hobbyist, I have too much invested in the whole Canon system to justify the switch, particularly when I have pressing spend requirements on my house

    But if I didn't have those, I would most certainly have made the switch by now.

    The problem is not just the kit, it is all to do with the attitude and total lack of communication and honesty from Canon that bugs the hell out of most people I speak to

    This latest firmware update so soon is, I hope, not the start of another problem child camera body.

    It will probably finally finish off Canon across certain genres of photography


  3. Im switching to Nikon from canon.. After purchasing a MK4. The Mk4 has a new color sensitive exposure meter,, and brite scenes like snow and surf have hi lites clipped by 2 stops.. Canon service said it is up to spec.. All my older canons on the same scene are aok ,, but not the new MK4.. canon is just impossible to deal with .. they will frustrate you tooo a point of IM switching no matter what.. But maybe its a blessing NIKON is JUST plain BETTER and has been for about two years.. Steve