Tuesday 26 January 2010

Trip Report-New Jersey-Bird Gallery

Bear with me there are only 2 galleries after this one before its back to normal, Its taken a couple of days to finally get my PC working properly again after various infections but now fingers crossed we are back up and running, So here are the last of the sea birds, Most are Full Frame with a couple cropped, All taken with the usual Nikon gear, Some of the sandpipers are shot using fill flash from the SB90 and better beamer combo

Black bellied Plover-winter plummage

Common Loon with crab

Gull feeding on barnacles

Red Throated Diver-winter plummage


Turnstones and Sandpipers in flight

Purple Sandpiper




  1. All good Dave, but if had to pick favs then 2,9 & 10 appeal for the behaviour/activity element.

    BTW well captured Loon image. Is the Loon closely related to our European Diver family - looks v similar? If so, quite a haunting call I imagine on a cold morning across a mist covered expanse of water?

    Best regards

  2. Hi Julian
    Yes the Loon is called a diver in Europe, I wasnt expecting to see these so it was great to not only see both species but to get some reasonable images as well, I would just love to get some in their breeding plummage but 1 step at a time


  3. Really enjoyed the series Dave, thank you, great variation and like 2, 4 and 10 particularly in this set. Love the loon and crab image.