Thursday 28 January 2010

Trip Report-New Jersey-Bird Gallery 2

Now all the sea birds are out of the way, I will finish the bird galleries with some birds taken in a State park close to where i was staying, I wasnt expecting any of these so they were all a bonus, Most shot from the car with the aid of a beanbag to support the D3 and 600/extender combo

Cedar Waxwings

 Northern Mocking bird who seemed to like the noise from the camera and not only came right up to the car to get a better view but also followed me down the road when i moved-see 2nd image


 American Robins 


Northern Cardinal (cropped from Landscape mode)
Catbird (i had never heard of one either) looks like a European Blackcap on steriods

House Finch male and female


So there you have it, The target bird was the Harlequin duck and everything else was a bonus and i must say it was a very productive trip, The very last gallery from the trip will be the fox gallery and after that i promise you some beaver shots!!


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  1. Great selection Dave, look forward to the fox and beaver shots.