Saturday 23 January 2010

Quick Update - General Stuff

Just another quickie from me, particularly as Dave has been doing some lengthy photo posts with some great images.

I am still tied up writing a long environmental report for work which is taking a lot of my time and will do again tomorrow so no chance of getting out with the camera.  So fingers crossed for next weekend, although having said that the light has been awful today so no real loss there to be honest.

It is pleasing to see a lot more comments and interaction on a number of our recent posts with a big thanks to Ashley, Julian and Peter in particular for their inputs.  It does make it much more worthwhile for us to get your comments, so thanks, and we will always welcome more.

Also numbers of readers and daily visitors have been good so if you are a new reader, then welcome to our blog.  Please feel free to leave comments, take an RSS feed or sign up as a blog follower via the various links on the right hand side.

We also are signed up to, so even if we are not showing what you specifically want to buy, if you click in via us to whatever you are looking for we would be most grateful.

I  must add some banners so that all of our US readers, and in fact UK and rest of the world  readers can get stuff that way too.

I have had a bit more hands on time with a 7D over the Christmas  and New Year period, so will think about a bit more useful feedback.

On a different note, I have read an awful lot of rubbish on various forums about the 7D. Simply put, if you want to get the most from it, then you will need to think about it and set it up.

Coming from a few years of 1Dmk3 experience it is very easy.  I think if you are upgrading from say a 450D or 30 or 40D, it is a much bigger leap, and if you employ the same techniques, you may well struggle, as seems to be the case from a lot of what I have read.

In terms of processing 7D RAW files, the best tool you can use is Phase One Capture 1 v5.  Simply put it really is the best tool for the job. There are Pro and LE versions - there is a big price difference, and the LE version will cover just about all your needs.  Again I have seen lots of people having problems with some of the Adobe products.  In addition, the latest update v for Breezebrowser Pro will now also process 7D RAW files.  Only for PC users, so if you have a MAC, bad luck you could always upgrade to two PC's for the price of your white plastic  :-)

Anyway, I will cover the 7D in a bit more detail in later blogs.  If there are any particular aspects you want covered, please let us know through the comments, and I will do my best to cover it off for you.

Finally, I have cleaned up the 'Other blogs' section down the right hand side, removing a couple that were essentially dead as they weren't being contributed to, and replaced them with a couple of others  that I have come across recently  that are both active and enjoyable in terms of content.  So I hope you enjoy having a look at them too.



  1. Hi Martin, I used a 1DMK3 which is now backed up by the 7D. I will be interested in your views. I have had issues with noise mainly and I am still not 100% happy with the focus tracking.

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  3. Something I have heard about with the 7D is the Centre Spot Focusing (think thats what its called).
    The small focusing points inside the centre focus point, could be good for small birds in flight/hovering. Hopefully its as good as it sounds, the Focus points on my MKII are to chunky to focus on Sparrows etc in flight.

    If you are able to try that out it would be great. Although not for me because I can't afford one :-(

    Could help a future 7D owner though.
    PS: last post deleted due to my rubbish spelling