Friday 1 January 2010

Review of the Year Part 8 - August

So as we welcome in the New Year and a new decade, I will carry on with our year review and so into August we go.

We did a couple of posts on back button focussing here and here - this is a technique that I have been using for a number of years now and immediately set any camera that I use to this setting.  It is a great feature for wildlife photographers.

My garden was a source of many images for me this year and a couple of the posts covered this here and here.

Dave did a bit on the Sigma 180 macro lens here and showed how images look when using different perspectives.

We had two guest photographers in August, Tony Wharton and Mike Lane, who shared a number of images with us.

I did a bit on wildlife introduction philosophy here, which I had hoped would spark some more comments and interaction, but sadly we only received one comment - Thanks Peter.

Dave shared with us his close encounter with death as he came up face to face and close with Black Widow spiders.

Stat porn for August,  3,400 page vists, 830 unique visitors  from 50 countries.


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