Saturday 16 January 2010

A Great Trip-New Jersey 1

I arrived back from New Jersey after a boring 9 hr road trip, A big thankyou to Martin for keeping things ticking over whilst i was away and a big thankyou to Jim for the use of his beach house, I tried various places but just couldnt get any internet access so i will break down the trip over the next few blogs,
It wasnt until the other day that i realised that its been a while since i have been away on my own and i really enjoyed the freedom of coming and going where and when i wanted, I chopped and changed my plans as the week and conditions changed and i got some fantastic results, The weather was great but extremly cold, 14 degrees one morning with a high of 34, I was out from before light until dark, I shot a variety of birds from harlequin ducks, Red Breasted Merganser, Long Tailed Ducks, Surf Scoters,loons and waders to landscapes and even fox, I managed to find good places to shoot Robin and Waxwing as well, In the first 3 days i shot 44 gigs of images, I met lots of other photographers and some from forums that i use which was great, The new boots that i mentioned before worked great and although i was out 10 hours a day in freezing conditions i never once suffered from cold feet,So time to download and start processing, So heres a taster until next time



  1. Well thats a cracker, i hope the rest are in the same league.
    They still use farenheit in the USA I take it.

  2. Hi Pete
    Yes and feet and inches, I will just say that it was bloody cold and as i was stuck out on the end of a rocky jetty far out to sea there wasnt any way of getting out of the wind-worth it though