Thursday 21 January 2010

A Few News Stories

Wow, the last subject that Dave posted has certainly appeared just about everywhere.

From mainstream media right through to thousands (probably) of different on-line sources.

My thought pretty much concur with the comments left by Dave and Julian on this thread.  So let us know your views too.

But it was while looking at other stories in the UK, I came across a good one about Barn Owls doing well in Grizedale - this is great news, although a pity they have used a picture of a captive Owl. They should have asked me  :-) and then sadly shootings of Red Kites in Northamptonshire.  Just what is it with some people

Also thanks to Ashley Hugo for the link on his blog down in Cornwall.

Ashley is clearly a remarkable young man so pop across to his site and have a look at his work.  Wish I had been that good when I was 15.



  1. Thank you very much Martin,you and David have a great blog!
    What a shame the WPOTY winner was a fraud.
    I haven't heard what they are going to do. Who has actually won now?

  2. They have said that due to the way that the images are judged i.e blind so that they do not know who shot the image that there will not be a winner this year