Thursday 24 December 2009

Review of the Year Part 3 - March

Looking back at March, I did a number of posts on the second recall for the 1Dmk111 here, here, here, here and here. Plus some test shots here.

Clearly this has been a very vexing subject for a number of Mark111 users, with seemingly the some of the most troubled users being those who shoot birds in flight.  While I expressed my satisfaction after this recall, in longer term use there are still issues.  It is now about as good as it gets, and the best the Mark111 has ever been.  But having recently done the same with the new 7D, it really does show the Mark111 to be a dog in this department.  That said, for other forms of imagery the Mark111 and the files from it are still stunning.  The fact that 'experts' claim that the 7D noise is now as good as the Mark111 is testament to that - Canon have had three years to catch up with themselves.

Anyway - enough words on that subject.

Other posts included a few on various of bits of gear such as self levelling tripod heads, extension tubes, extenders and also camera gear insurance here and here.

Trip reports were a bit thin on the ground for us in March, but we covered a number of local patch reports here in Warwickshire and here in North Carolina.

I wrote a Tips and Techniques blog on that perennial digital subject, and showed how I used a mask and layer technique to sharpen images

Finally, have a check out the archives section for March to see if there is anything else there that you like.

Stat porn for March - 4283 page visits,  657  unique visitors from 31 countries


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