Friday 4 December 2009

Environmental Conflicts

Part of my day job includes environmental matters from a business perspective so I tend to see a wide range of environmental issues.

A story that caught my eye earlier this week from The Independant was how the authorities in Scotland are protecting the Golden Eagle from the impacts of wind turbines.

Full story is here

Now I tend to find that people either love or loathe wind turbines.

Personally I think they are a blight on the landscape and are particularly inefficient at delivering consistent power. When there is no wind, there still needs to be another method of delivering energy. Certainly the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture of wind turbines,when you consider the components are shipped halfway round the world means that the true benefits are often hidden with a bit of 'greenwash spin'.

There is no doubt these things are destructive to wildlife as this clip shows

Vulture hit by wind turbine.

A particular sad but seemingly frequent occurrence if you read the comments below the main article from The Independant.

I am pleased that Scotland has seen fit to protect its wildlife and particularly avoid the visual destruction of their wonderful countryside.


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