Saturday 5 December 2009

Fair weather Photographer?

With winter approaching does your wildlife photography take a back seat, Don't want to get your gear wet or the sofa and warm house is too inviting, Nope its time to grin and bear it, Adverse weather will give your images a different dimension, There are lots of hides around to keep dry in and yet still get good images from, If you don't want to shelter in a hide then its time to buy some good quality waterproof camo gear and a lens/camera cover, Camo gear is available at many outlets as i have mentioned before, Prices here in the states are crazy low, Last week i purchased some waterproof salopets that are soft and quiet and really thick to keep you warm in the sales for $39, I used a lens cover from wildlifewatching supplies for years and it worked very well at keeping my lens dry and clean-so no excuses-forces yourself out of that nice warm bed and head out, At the end of the day it will be worth the effort


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