Sunday 27 December 2009

Really Right Stuff L Bracket

One of the problems with wide angle lenses is that they dont have a lens foot to attach the set up to the tripod, For years i have strapped a wimberley lens foot to the base of the camera body, This works OK for shooting in landscape mode but thats all and portrait mode is a no no, This year i was determined to get a proper L bracket  and stop buggering about, I have been shooting a lot more landscapes this year so it was time to make my life easier, Santa bought me a RRS L bracket, Its a thing of beauty, light,fits nicely and is an engineering feat, I have one for the D3 as they are pretty expensive and if i get another body it will be the same as the D3 i.e D3s or D3X, Having dovetails fitted to both sides allows for easy changing from landscape to portrait mode, Very expensive but worth every penny, It will also give some protection to the base and side of the camera body, Kirk also do a similar version


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